Servicemembers deployed since 9/11 have faced challenges unlike anything before in our country's history. They've left behind jobs, friends, and daily routines to face the stress of combat, long deployments, and uncertain conditions.

Now They Face A Different Kind Of Battle.

Coming home can mean facing painful reintroductions to everyday life and troublesome changes: reemployment, financial challenges, difficult family conditions, and in many cases, legal issues that developed while they were proudly defending our country.  Help them face their legal battles at home.

The most common legal issues they face are:

Bankruptcy       Identity Theft
Landlord/Tenant       Child Custody
Child Support       Divorce
Foreclosure       Employment

Military Families Face Difficult Challenges!

  • Over 2.4 million Servicemembers have deployed since 9/11
  • Over one million have deployed multiple times
  • More than 60% of the requests for assistance are for a family law issue
  • The unemployment rate among military spouses is 26%
  • Military divorces reached an all time high in 2011
  • Since 2001, the bankruptcy rate among Servicemembers has risen sharply
  • Servicemembers are prime targets for identity theft and financial fraud
  • Foreclosure rates near military bases are nearly four times the national average.





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